Portfolio Recent Projects

Eatingwell.com - 7/2016

Working with Allrecipes.com engineers, I helped redevelop the eatingwell.com website. I redid the website’s navigation, recipe pages, recipe hubs, slideshow pages, ads and account profile using C# ASP.NET MVC, Razor, and Angular in a mobile first responsive design. I wrote new controllers, view models, views, tests and styles using Sass and atomic design principles. I also used Allrecipes.com services to make use of Allrecipes.com tools including ads.

Planned Giving Micro Sites - 5/2015

Using mockups and client home pages, I created and integrated new “Planned Giving” micro sites to match look, feel and functionality of client sites using JavaScript, Jquery, CSS, HTML, the Ingeniux CMS and chrome dev tools. A few examples of micro sites I built are here

Brent's Blog - 7/2015

I built a member-only blog with Node, Express, Angular, and Mongoose that validates users with JWT tokens and lets them post and edit their post. Still a work in progress. Feel free to leave a note.

Blackjack - 7/04/2015

I built a Blackjack game with just Node, JavaScript, Jquery and a touch of Foundation. Enjoy.

Eat This - 2/02/2015

I built this app using Node and Angular. This app uses the bigOven API to do a recipe or food ingredient search.

Obama Approval Ratings - updated 8/2015

I built a single-page app using Node, JavaScript, Jquery, and google charts that uses the Huffington Post's API to display Obama's approval ratings.

Bone - 12/19/2014

Our team of four built a "Tinder"-style app called BONE, which let’s dog owners search and find dog playmate matches in their city. While we collaborated on most of the project, I did the Dog Profile Views, image upload and image storage to our database, and I also did some of the "match views," and algorithm. We used Meteor, Mongodb, and Angular to build this app.

I'm-in! - 11/20/2014

Our team built the backend of an IOS app (Im-in!) that lets users manage events through text messages. We built the server, routes, middleware for authentication and authorization, database, and wrote several unit tests. We used Node, Express, Mongoose, Twilo, Passport, Bcrypt and JWT tokens.

Mean Median Mode Page - 12/10/2014

I built an Angular single-page app that calculates the Mean, Median, and Mode, based on user numerical input. I also used a Node and Browserify.

Seattle Weather App

I created a single-page Node app that pulls data from the Weather Underground API and displays current weather conditions.