About Behind the curtain


I'm a Web Developer with a background in fundraising. I started dabbling with code a few years ago as hobby. My previous career was in political and nonprofit fundraising, so coding was a refreshing change of pace. I started using free websites like Code Academy and just tinkering with it on my own. The thrill of getting my code to work and the excitement of building things started to grow.I took a couple Python classes at the UW Extension School, which I really enjoyed, but I decided to focus more on JavaScript. In 2014, I successfully completed Code Fellows two-month intensive Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator program and have been a Web Developer ever since.


I've been lucky enough to be married to my beautiful and wonderful wife, Rosia, for almost 6 years now. We also have two quirky and adorable cats My wife is a Naturopathic Doctor; she earned her ND from Bastyr University. She is a blessing in my life, a healer, teacher and advocate for Naturopathic medicine. If you'd like to find out more about how an ND can help you checkout: Rosia's professional page


As a native of the Washington DC area, I love all DC sports teams even though they continue to break my heart. The Wizards are going all the way this year!!!


In a previous life I worked in politics. I have been a Finance Director on a number of statewide and congressional campaigns all over the country. Working in politics was great, but now I'm pursuing other endeavors, including coding.


As a hobby I run an online market Mile High Bazaar. Check it out for some great deals on rustic, cool home decor.